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Our Facilities

Walton Under 5's Pre-school is based in the village hall in Walton. We are lucky enough to have a permanent room and garden space at the hall. In addition to this we use the facilities in and around the hall.

The pre-school uses a free-flow system where the children can pick and choose what activities they want to do from what is available on the day. With this and a mix of adult led activities the children can learn and grow and be prepared for when they start primary school.

blue room_edited.jpg

Main Hall

Here the children can role play in the Home Corner, be creative at the Paint Station, go bananas in the Fast Space, and use their imagination using the Small World toys.

Blue Room

This our permanent room which opens up into the main hall. Here the children will be able to sit and read in the Book Corner, learn to use the child friendly Computer, play in the Sensory area or get arty at the Colouring table.


Here the children can explore the garden as part of the free-flow system where they can play in the large Sandpit, draw on the Chalkboard, swing on the Tyre Swing and much, much more.

muga 2.JPG


The MUGA or Multi Use Games Area, is just outside the village hall and is an enclosed area. The children use it to play ball games, use floor chalks, play with hoops and bikes and much more.


The local park is just 200m from the Pre-school opposite the Primary School next door. In there they can play on the Swings, Slide, Climbing Frame and Spring Animals

Play Field

The field is part of the village hall grounds. The children use it to play group games as well as doing forest school by going on nature walks looking for bugs and leaves and much more.

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